Happiness in your Hands

About Me

HI, My name is Ummisalma.
I m Henna mehndi artist. Henna mehndi is not a only art for me, it is my passion, my World. And right now you are in my little henna world, and I WELCOME YOU HERE. 
I am not a professional henna artist. Professionally I am Homemaker. I like Henna Mehndi drawing from childhood. I have been depicting Henna Mehndi for the past 14 years. I did the first bridal
design at the age of 16. I always like to learn something new whether it is a new design, new information or some other new trials.

1 day I was watching Henna tutorials on YouTube. and I thought why not I even make such videos and keep my art in front of the whole world. This will allow me to learn something new and there will be some help for those who want to learn something new like me And with this thinking, I started my Mehndi channel on YouTube in 2017 under the name “Ummi’smehndi” and today there are more than 100k subscribers and more than 200 videos on my channel.

For this reason, I would like to thank you to YouTube that he gave me
such a big platform that I can show my art to the whole world sitting in my
house and help teach those who want to learn. 
Then I thought let’s learn something new and do something new. I have created this website while moving forward this wish.Until I created this website a few months ago I had no information about how to create a website. but I started learning and today the result is in front of everyone. I hope that the way you all have loved my channel so much, you have liked my art so much, so all of you will appreciate my new step too.

I will also share Henna related photos, blogs or
tips and tricks with this website, and I will try here that I will also launch
the Henna Design Book for you.

Even after this I have thought a lot if you get
all the love and support, For those who want to learn Mehndi, I will upload a
lot in this website.

        Thanks to All