Bracelet type henna

Hello everyone, In this post I have teach you how to make Bracelet type henna design for your hand.

First you draw spiral on the centre of your back palm, and draw bold line to upper spiral.

Add oval shape frill to around a spiral and draw five small bold round Petals to 4 side of Design.
As seen in the photo. Watch carefully and draw it.

Now make the 3 leaf designs in the remaining four empty space. See the next photo.

Draw two horizontal line on the wrist and one vertical line to center.

draw dots upper on the line to make a beautiful bracelet like look.

Henna मेहंदी कॉन को कैसे पकड़े ?

Now draw half Triangle on middle finger and draw vertical line to connect design and triangle on the finger and add dots to it.

Add bold and thin line to upper of the triangle.

Add a bold line to the centre of the finger and a thin line to either side.

Add oval shape frill upper the thin line and add leaf pattern.

Now add three leaf pattern to all fingers and add some dots to look gorgeous.

Now your beautiful and gorgeous henna design is complete.

You can watch the video below to learn the design better. Thank you

Love and Respect

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